Thursday, April 21, 2011

Husband came home 3 weeks early!!

And that was 2 weeks ago!!  So I have been very slow on updating posts lately.  We should be back to normal around here (or at least our new normal with Daddy home) in another week or two. 

Monday, April 18, 2011

Amelia says...

Some of the things that come out of her 4 year old mouth blow me away.  What mom doesn't love to listen to her kids speak and get an insight into their minds?  It's fascinating to me.  I wish I had a little magic tape recorder to carry around that I could download all pertinent conversation at the end of the day and save it forever.  I'm terrible at remembering to write it down, usually.

She's been noting things on the road and telling us what a "clever idea" that was lately.  Today she noticed a girl riding her bike on the sidewalk instead of the road and said, "Wasn't that a clever idea for her to do that, Mommy?"  I think she thought this was clever after we followed behind a cyclist on the busy road yesterday and she was very worried for his safety.

They are doing some construction work on Parris Island and have blocked off some roads partially to work for safety.  She also thinks that's "very clever of them, Mommy".

Today we're getting ready for an Easter Egg hunt at church and she wanted to pick out some "sparkly shoes that were click clacky."  She said it sounded like her shoes were happy and singing when she walked in them.  After she put them on and walked around, she was delighted - "OH MOMMY!  They DO click clack!!!  I knew it!" 

Breakfast Eggs

I had a Japanese sweet potato hanging out on the counter that I bought on a whim the other day.  This morning, I was trying to think of what to make Rafe for breakfast (we were out of almost everything) and thought to throw together some things I had laying around. 

I roasted the sweet potato, cut it in slices and layed it randomly in a teflon omelette pan (super heated with oil and a touch of browned butter).  In between the slices, I sprinkled chunks of cooked chorizo sausage and topped that with some caramelized onions leftover from last night's dinner and seasoned with kosher salt and garlic pepper.

  I put the whole pan in the oven for a few minutes till the onions were hot, then sprinkled it with a chiffonade of fresh spinach.  I heated the spinach up in the oven for another minute, then poured 2 cracked eggs over the top and back in the oven it went!  Once the whites were set, I took it out and slid the whole thing onto a plate. 

The eggs are amazing, by the way.  We buy them from a local military family who raises their own chickens naturally.  They deliver to our door for $3 per dozen.  The eggs are extra large and the calcium in these eggs is so high the shells are actually hard to crack!  Much thicker than normal eggs.  The yolks are brilliant orange. 

Anyway, it came out as one of the most delicious tasting breakfast we've had in a while.  The sweetness of the caramelized onion and potato mixed with the spicy chorizo and spinach were great.  It was almost too sweet - I might like to try this again with just regular sauteed onions and not caramelized, even though I never add sugar to the caramelized onions anyway - it's just naturally sweet.  I think the balance of flavors would be slightly better.