Friday, June 14, 2013

Spa Night

Spa Night began as a simple night of me putting finger nail polish on Amelia's nails, and has evolved to a much more elaborate date night with my oldest.  Mostly with her additions.  I love it when she asks me for a spa night, because I also hear in her heart that she's asking to spend some one on one time with Mommy.  I see many of these nights in our future :)

We had a great time last night with it.  These days Spa Night takes hours.  We started at 5pm, with a hot bath, coconut oiled hair, braided hair, massage with scented lotion, and dinner.  After dinner, out to the exchange to smell candles, cologne, perfumes, look at jewelry and toys.  We topped it off by sitting on all the furniture to see how it felt.  She could  have kept on going all night except that the Exchange closed at 9.  We headed home, put on some Shaun the Sheep and sat there snuggled on the couch giggling while I painted her fingernails pink with glitter.  I love my little six  year old!