Saturday, December 27, 2008

More Christmas

Katie J.

Steve and the newest J, Lucianna (Luci Lu)

Christmas at Mom's


Amelia has a pretty good vocabulary, and has been saying oatmeal perfectly for some time. For some reason, she has decided that oatmeal is now to be called "impo" and won't ask for oatmeal anymore. When you ask her what she wants for breakfast, it's "impo". No matter what you say, it's still impo.

"Mommy, dere's man here!"

Amelia came at me in the kitchen this morning, running full speed ahead, shouting. It took me a minute to realize what she was saying. She was hopping up and down and pointing to one of the bedrooms.

"Mia, is there a man here?"
"uh huh"
"DERE!! RIGHT DERE!" and she points to the bedroom and tugs me along to follow her.
"SEE MOMMY! Man in dere HIDING!"

She was pointing to my dad, who was asleep on his side in the bedroom. He is a big guy, so on his side he looks enormous when covered with a blanket to a two year old!

"That's just Grandpa, honey, sleeping."
"Oh. Ok." And then she just ran off to play :)

Monday, December 22, 2008

She looks so darn cute in snow!

Ooops I did something wrong and added the wrong pictures. But the library is closing in 5 minutes so I'll have to fix it another day. I have so many pics to post from my trip, it will take a while to catch up.

Enjoying the Snow

Let me tell you, it was FREEZING outside. She loved every second of it and wanted to help Mommy shovel the sidewalk. So of course, I put her to work!

Getting Ready for a COLD, SNOWY Day

We're in Missouri now... can you tell by the weather? Miss Mia loves it.

Look Daddy, I can color!

Bugland Play Area

Seeing Santa with Dylan

Amelia loves her cousin, Dylan!

My sister-in-law Tammi and her son Dylan invited us to see Santa with them. She had a blast, right up until she sat on Santa's lap. She's fascinated with Christmas trees, no matter how small... or how big.

Amelia supervising Christmas lights

"Yep, I picked out my own clothes"
"You're doing great, Bamma. Keep it up"

I have connectivity!

Sort of. I'm at the library in Kearney, Mo. Not sure why I can get on some places and not others, but I thought I'd post a few pics while I can.