Thursday, October 6, 2011

Marine kids think differently

It's interesting to me the ways that a personal family culture influences language and thoughts.  I see it happen all the time in our family but don't pay too much attention to how funny it is most of the time.

Today Amelia had to do some chores before breakfast (empty silverware from the dishwasher and gather all the towels for washing).  She can't reach some of the towels, so a while ago she devised a way to get them off the shower curtains and tall places by using a step stool and a pair of my really long grilling tongs (2 feet) from back in the day when I was still working as a Chef.  She pulls them down and sticks them in a big tub and then scoots the tub out to the laundry room to be washed.

About half an hour after the towels were started, she all of a sudden exclaims, "MOMMY!  That brown towel is camouflaged!  It's on the brown chair and I didn't see it!"  She starts giggling to herself and talking about how funny it is that a towel is camouflaged and I am thinking how funny it is that she didn't just say "hidden".