Saturday, June 27, 2009

"I 'mart, Mommy"

Amelia was poking me in the chest at the dinner table as I bent over to untie her bib, asking me "What dis, mommy?"

Since my dad and nephew were at the table, I tried to be generic and said, "That's my chest, honey". And she said, very loudly, 'NO it NOT! Dat your BREASTS!!!"

Um. Yeah. Once I stopped laughing I remembered her asking me that same question a few weeks earlier and giving her a more detailed answer. Apparently she remembered. :)


Karen said...

bahahahahahahahaha just wait she is going to nail you even better when you are in front of strangers-and you will be searching for just the right quick words to the stories I could tell-like the time he (in a lound voice--in a quiet church) said "mommy you're not wearing underwear!" FOR THE RECORD I WAS WEARING UNDERWEAR. That is one of my most vivid moment of embarassment...way to many

Mandy said...

HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!!!!! I love it! At least she used proper terminology!