Wednesday, October 27, 2010

One final irony...

I'm a Chef.

I don't work as one anymore; I stopped soon after Amelia was born. I generally worked in high end restaurants or clubs, or funky little places with fresh, fun food and live music. I've even worked for a large church around the time Amelia was born cooking meals for their daycare (over 100 kids) and their Wednesday/Friday night meals.

Since she's been born, I've hosted cooking with kids playdates, cooking classes with friends and fun meals in general. Best of all, I cook with my daughter (who turned 4 in June) almost every day in some way. I love being in the kitchen with her; she loves smelling, touching and tasting food. Grocery trips with her are a delight. Cooking as a family and home cooked meals every night sitting aroung the table is a given. Extended members of our family are all excellent, creative cooks and my favorite holiday is Thanksgiving - family, food and conversation.

The kitchen is the heart of our home in so many ways. I want to find a way for it to still work that way in the future without putting Olivia in a position to fail. To remove food from this house and from our lives into a background position is almost unthinkable to me.

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