Thursday, November 18, 2010

Safest place in America to trick-or-treat

We live in the ultimate gated community! There is only one way onto Parris Island, and the gate guard has a rifle. You need ID, insurance and car registration to get past him. The long causeway has water on either side of it, and in case you drove past the first guard without stopping, there is another one at the other side of the causeway to catch you.

We're surrounded by water - no one can get on without going through the front gate.

Military Police patrolling the streets in a car and on foot throughout the evening.

"Hi, Daddy!!"

Some of the neighbor gang... fun to trick or treat with your friends!
One of the military chaplains and his decorations.

Amelia with her favorite "Princess Hair". Her hair is so naturally curly that if I pin it up while it is freshly shampooed, it looks absolutely beautiful.

Home at last!! The best part... eating the candy! And this is how Olivia spent her second Halloween... very different from last year. She was snoozing in the hospital instead of at home in a nice cozy bed. Look, Rafe! She's lying on her side! No more nap nanny!

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