Sunday, September 25, 2011

Rafe is on his way home!

I just found out yesterday that he will be home sometime tomorrow or the next day.  SHOCKING!  I thought he wasn't coming home for a few weeks.  It's exciting and nerve-wracking all at the same time.

Part of the fun of homecoming (for me at least) are the activities leading up to the big day; and the anticipation building and building.  Amelia and I usually make chains for each day we have left to wait; the yard gets raked and weeded; the house starts getting the annual deep cleaning; the wife starts getting spruced up (after months of benign neglect on appearance) and the little projects get finished up and new projects put on hold in anticipation of time spent together as a family. 

This time we are going to miss all that.  Right now it's a mad scramble to get ready!!!!

Like most times in your life when you really need life to go smoothly so you can get stuff done, it hasn't.

 Livi has been sick for 3 weeks and it got much worse yesterday and today.  She went to the doctor today and turns out her ear is infected (thought it was a tooth coming in per the dentist telling us that she would pull her ears when the next teeth came up in a few weeks) and her lungs are full of gunk.  She had a breathing treatment in the office and will need breathing treatments every 3 hours for the next few days at least and possibly longer.   Not easy to do as she fights the mask so hard.

The girls wet my bed; Livi is pulling everything she can down off of tables and cabinets and toy chests; I had to finish delivering some things donated to a local family in need; spring break and Amelia is home; it's been raining constantly; and I'm in the middle of pulling things out to sell for two garage sales, children's consignment fair, and regular consignment.

He'll be lucky if I shave my legs this time.  Welcome home, honey!

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Growingtogether said...

ohhh sorry it was so crazy busy- always something. You had me go from sad to laughing with the "He'll be lucky if I shave my legs" comment. Awesome! yep- you've been through a deployment or two :)