Sunday, June 1, 2008

Did I say Sunday night?

This is typical of military life - there are some things they do very, very well. And there are others that just don't make sense.

Rafe isn't coming home until tomorrow morning (monday, instead of sunday, which was instead of friday). Why? Because someone forgot to schedule a bus to come pick them up from 29 Palms and take them to March Air Force Base where they will now have to take a later flight because they obviously missed their first flight.

This basically means they have been sitting in 29 Palms,doing nothing, since Friday. Away from their families. Right before they deploy.

No, I'm not mad or frustrated right now. Not one bit.

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BarbnCharlie said...


I'm so sorry, how terribly frustrating! Just a few more hours away though & he'll be here! I loved the note on my blog aobut you checking it often. I had to laugh. I check yours all the time. I've enjoyed all your comments. I've loved the pictures of Amelia. Laurie, she is so beautiful. What the little fashionista she really is. Well, Charlie leaves for his DET tomorrow, I'm headed downstirs to spend a bit of time with him. Call me when you get into town!