Thursday, November 6, 2008

I really want to move on

but I can't seem to get over the fact that Americans had a chance to elect the equivalent of a well balanced, nutritious gourmet meal and instead they settled for fast food. Temporarily satisfying, but terrible for you in the long run and doesn't meet your real needs.

I'm especially sick of hearing how excited the world is and how it proves we're a democracy. As if it would prove we weren't if we elected a president you wouldn't approve of? Give me a break. Leaders are rarely popular. They are respected. Iraqis are thrilled Obama is president, as they told my husband. They were quite excited about it right up until the moment he told them it meant the Americans were all leaving the country. We aren't leading the world, we're leading the US.

Oh wait. Unless... you want someone to lead the world. One world leader....

I heard Vicente Fox on the radio talking about how interested he is in the commitments the US will make to Mexico, and that will determine how good Obama is as president (paraphrase). You've GOT to be kidding me. Yes, he said that with all seriousness. Vincente Fox needs to commit to his own country and create a place that no one wants to leave. It's not up to us to bail out Mexico.

Ack. I'm so sick of people talking about Obama like he's the savior of the world. Oh wait... Unless... you want someone to lead the world. One world leader....

As an FYI, Barack in Arabic means "winged horse". There's significance in that, for those who care to find out.

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