Sunday, November 16, 2008

What do you feed 9 kids and one adult?

Very early this morning I took Amelia to a local clinic in a hospital to be checked for strep throat.  Luckily she doesn't have it, but everyone in this house is sick and the two of us have it the worst right now.  Amelia is miserable and every day she comes to me and says, "go home, mommy, go home".   I think she's having a tough time in such a busy household after just the two of us in our little, quiet home.  Today she came up to me with my car keys and told me "jacket, mommy"  (she wants me to get my jacket so we can go).  But she is also having a good time with the kids, it's just a little harder for her to share mommy.  

When we came home, all of my nieces and nephews had conspired to make a breakfast of chocolate chip pancakes and sausages.  The dining table was set and they were waiting for us to get home to eat.  It was so cute!  Recipe books were everywhere and the pancakes had a heavy hand with the baking powder, but made delicious with love!  Here are some other things we've made this week:

Italian Sausage Lasagne
Hamburgers (eli made those)
Home made Pizza with home made Pizza Sauce 
Hamburger Helper
Chicken and Cheese Enchiladas
Red Thai Curry Chicken with Brown Rice
Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Cookies
Ice Cream Cones

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Mandy said...

I'm impressed you are taking care of so many kids! I think I'd go nuts! Noah was checked for strep today too :( Luckily it was negative, just a run of the mill sore throat and fever that should pass soon. Hope eveyrone gets well soon!