Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Giving my husband a heart attack

Dear Rafe,
because I have nothing better to do than mess with you while you are in the desert surrounded by smelly, sweaty, dusty men - some of whom offered to arrange a marriage between their sons and Amelia when you showed them her picture (and they were serious) - I offer you this imaginary vignette into her future life.

Love, Your Wife!! :)

Calvin: "Darling, take my hand and let's swing for a while."
Amelia: "Oh, you're so decisive! What leadership!"
Calvin: "yap yap yap"
Amelia: "Absolutely fascinating!"

Amelia: "I went fishing and caught a fish THIS BIG. I'm an outdoors kind of gal"
Calvin: "Cool. Just my type."

Calvin: "Will you marry me?"
Amelia: "hee hee hee, I'd love to!"

Amelia: "C'mon Calvin, let's blow this taco stand and celebrate!"
Calvin: "Oooh, a woman who knows what she wants!"


Karen said...

that is so cute and funny!

Jenn Farese said...

This is very cute, love it! :)