Saturday, April 4, 2009

Why I love my husband: Reason #2,546,987

I've been fretting for a few weeks about going home (Texas) during April for bluebonnet season to take pictures of Amelia, and to spend Easter with family and friends. I especially wanted Amelia to have fun hunting Easter eggs, coloring them, etc. It just seems sort of anti-climactic to do it with just the two of us. Her first Easter we were at Granny J's, this last Easter we drove to our old church in Jacksonville and spent the day with friends; and this year I wanted to go to Dallas.

I was torn between driving and flying. One was affordable, but loooooooooooooong (driving) and almost not worth it for only one week. The second was NOT as affordable, but quick (flying). So I asked him if he cared if I spent the money to fly, and here is the answer that made me feel like a queen!

Fly baby, fly. Your happiness far outweighs the price of the
ticket. So fly and don't think twice about it. I love you


Karen said...

OMG Laurie! Next time you drive you can make a layover at my house!!

Laurie said...

NOW you tell me! :)