Saturday, September 5, 2009

Emergency Surgery

Today Olivia needed surgery on short notice for "nec" - necrotizing colitis. She had 3 surgeons working on her and the surgery went far faster than they anticipated going in - about half an hour less. She had a perforation that wasn't seen on the xrays; but luckily they caught it in the early stages. She has 2 colostomys and will have them for about 2 months and then more surgery to connect them again. She's recovering well - as they told us, she is a very sick little baby but doing well considering the circumstances. She will get a bit worse over the next 48 hours as her body fights to heal itself after the "controlled trauma event", but then much better after that.

We are extremely lucky to be at MUSC in Charleston. It's one of the top ten NNICU hospitals in the country and she could not be in better hands. Livvie is a bit high maintenance, so tonight she has her own nurse all to herself. Surgeons and nurse practitioners and nurses are checking on her constantly and we are grateful, very grateful to them.

It's after midnight - I think we'll try to get some sleep.


Kim Merkel said...


I'm so glad I'm seeing this now. I'm so sorry it's been months since we connected and I've been wondering how you've been doing. Seeing the sweetness of Rafe's homecoming and reunion with Amelia, and the bittersweet circumstances of Ms. Olivia's arrival. Friend, you and your family are in my prayers and thoughts. It's only one day at a time. You are together and have each other. thank you for the updates. I send my love to all your babies, and Rafe.


Kate said...

Thinking about you and praying for all of you, Laurie!

Christina said...


You guys are in my thoughts and prayers all the time. I know that is what got us through with the babies when we spent the time in the NICU with the twins. Please let me know if you need anything I will help in anyway possible.

KatieJohnson said...

In Psychology I learned that premachure babies do better and gain more weght if they have lots of mommy daddy contact. touching and voices and such! Try that, it wouldn't hurt!