Friday, April 20, 2012

Coming back from the commissary today, I turned down the street behind our house on Parris Island to see Rafe and Amelia over by the pull up bars by the BOQ. It's become their "thing" lately to go over there and exercise. Amelia saw me and began running fast and hard across the field. I was overwhelmed with love and joy seeing her run in her bright orange shirt and her long blond hair streaming in the wind behind her racing toward me.

When I finally made it back into the house, she was so excited to tell me about the "catapidders that emerged today". Rafe and I just looked at each other over her head and smiled, both of us making "Can you believe it?" faces at each other for our five year old saying "emerged" instead of "came out".

Which is what we probably would have said.  Our conversational skills are obviously far below the level of our five year old.  :)

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