Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Strawberry Coconut Smoothie

I had an opportunity to teach a Gluten Free Cooking class last week for the EFMP here on base.  It was really enjoyable.  I had forgotten how much I like teaching cooking classes and interacting with people who want to learn how to cook or learn more about how food works.  While I'll never work in a restaurant as a professional Chef again, this is a way to do one of my favorite parts of that job -  teaching Chef Apprentices.

For the demo, we made Gluten Free Pina Colada Pancakes.  The ingredients were a bit expensive, but the blow was softened by buying everything but the coconut sugar at the commissary.  I found the price literally doubled out in town for the specialty ingredients.  Yikes.  I had two of them and couldn't believe how long I stayed full.  I didn't have any pineapple crunchies so I subbed dried mango, papaya and pineapple instead.

I had some leftover coconut milk after the class, so I cooked it with some strawberries that we picked from Dempsey's Farm, water and fresh lime juice.  I pureed it and let it cool.  I noticed it doesn't separate like most smoothies I make after it sits for a while, so I really liked that.  Very, very filling.  Perfect texture for Olivia to drink as well, without worrying about spilling because it is moving too fast.

Here is the approximate recipe:

Coconut Strawberry Smoothie
8 - 12 cups quartered fresh strawberries
1.5 cans of coconut milk, canned
1.5 cans water
1 lime juiced
1 tbsp brown sugar

  • Simmer in Le Creuset or other heavy bottomed pan till berries are cooked.  Puree, chill.

I think this might have been really good with some of the roasted saigon cinnamon I have.  I'm guessing on the amount of water because I actually added it to cover the strawberries.

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