Saturday, May 30, 2009

Mommy Scam

Not only did I just pull off a great deal, I think I just pulled off the best Mommy Scam ever!

Amelia and I have been "trying out" vacuums for weeks. To keep her close to me as I shopped around, I always let her try and push the vacuum back and forth and asked her if she liked it or not. Sometimes she would tell me "too hebby, momma"... or she'd keep on pushing it down the aisle until the cord yanked her back. All in the spirit of keeping her cheerful and involved while I was trying to decide, I asked her opinion on colors, sizes, you name it.

So when I finally picked up the funky purple vacuum with a ball that makes the vacuum pivot last night, she was really tired of vacuums and wanted to go home. SO I said, "tonight is the night we buy your favorite vacuum! Mommy's buying you a vacuum cleaner tonight!!!"

To which she replied, "Oh, OK!! LET'S GO!!!!!!"

Seriously. She said that.

So off we went and came home with it. She was jonesing all today for me to open it up and when we finally did she was dancing around, singing, "YAY YAY!! MY BAKUME CLEANER!! " She could hardly wait to vacuum. And she did - the whole front hallway. My sweet two year old... brought a tear to my eye. She was so diligent! I was helpful too... I kept pointing out spots she missed and WAHOOOO if she didn't go back and get them.

That makes it officially worth every penny. If I can just keep this up until she's out the door to college, one of my dreaded chores will be just a distant memory. hee hee heee

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Growingtogether said...

Go Mommy! Go Mommy!! You are such an inspiration to us all!!