Friday, May 29, 2009


My new vacuum!

Deal of the century. I've needed a new vacuum for about a month now. I have spent a LOT of time researching vacuums, checking websites for pricing, waiting for sales, going to stores and trying out different vacuums. I compared getting a less expensive vacuum (but with the added cost of new bags, filters, replacement parts for the inevitable loss of suction) with the Dyson. While they are more expensive to begin with, in the long run they are much cheaper. I finally checked with Rafe to see if his head spin off if I bought it and got the official okey dokey.

And then... I just happened to go to Sears tonight to see if they had the DC28, just out of curiosity. They had accidentally put the wrong price on a sticker for a sale that ended yesterday... but the sticker was still hanging above a DC25 Animal demo model. So they had to sell it to me! But the new one wouldn't be in for a week; so I went to the Base Exchange out of curiosity to compare prices. Base exchange price was actually higher, but they have a policy of price matching within a 50 mile radius... I showed them my ticket, purchased one off the shelf and came home with it... TAX FREE.

My walk away total was 467$. I know that is a lot higher than my normal thrift store purchases, but 1) those thrift store purchase savings helped me pay for this and 2) I'll never have to buy another vacuum, or bag, again!

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