Thursday, July 23, 2009

Back Online!

I have no idea why my laptop works at home now and not at the BOQ. Neither does anyone else who tried to get it to work there. But now we're up and running again, so expect regular posts.

This is the left corner of the room at the BOQ. I am taking that picture from the far right corner, opposite side. Yes, the room was THAT small. What a way to spend two weeks after living apart for over 17 months, eh? If that doesn't test your relationship, I don't know what will! :)

Directly behind where I was taking the picture was the desk/breakfast table. To the left is the bed and a nightstand. The chair was directly at the left end of the bed. On the far right corner was a kitchenette and on the wall to my right was the tv on top of another dresser. As you can see, it was cramped quarters. The bathroom and closet was through a doorway.

I packed most of our things in clear plastic shoeboxes - one of the smartest packing jobs I've ever done. After I took this picture, I simply took the lids off, put them underneath the boxes and slid them into the drawers. VOILA! Everything organized and seperated within a few minutes.

The packing at the end of the trip to go home to Beaufort and unpacking at home was just as easy. Put the lids back on, take to the car. Once home, I just took the boxes to the right bedroom and emptied them back into the drawers. I was almost finished unpacking and putting things away by the time Rafe finished bringing stuff up out of the cars! He was both shocked and delighted that it went so quickly. In the past, packing and traveling with Amelia was quite a messy affair for me. :)


Growingtogether said...

Wow!! You are my hero! Look at the organization. Go Laurie! I bet Rafe was really impressed.

Karen said...

awesome ideas! you need to send that one in to HGTV!!!

KatieJohnson said...

nice...mabey I should try that in my room....