Saturday, July 25, 2009

Waiting on the Marines...

This was the group of people already waiting when we arrived at 4 am. We headed that direction, only to smell heavy cigarette smoking!! I was actually surprized because who wants to smell like a cigarette after not seeing their husband for a year if they are non-smokers? I figured the group would be separated into smokers and non smokers. Rafe hates that smell so we ended up waiting by ourselves in a nearby building that had the "work party" Marines in it. They gave Amelia a doughnut and all was well.

A "Working Party" is a group of Marines who gather for a specific work purpose - in this case, unloading the gear for the returning Marines. So they wait until the gear arrives. This room was quite... odiferous. Like lots of men camping. :)

After the doughnut, back to the car for a nap.

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