Thursday, July 23, 2009

Preparing for the Homecoming

11:00 pm Tuesday - after we finally hit the BOQ, unloaded the car and got her in her jammies. I put her on the bed for a minute to get her a drink and she passed out, poor thing.
3:00 am - 6 months pregnant, up for an hour and getting ready to wake Amelia up

3:05 am - trying to get a better picture. Soon after that, I received a phone call that said the guys were coming in at 4 am and not 4:30 am and to hoof it to the arrival place.

3:50 am - Amelia in the parking lot right after we get there, getting ready to watch for Daddy. She's very excited right now.

4:15 am - We're told they just left Cherry Point and won't be there until 5 or 5:30 am.
(Isn't she beautiful?!?!? It broke my heart to see that little sad face). If I'd been more awake I would have remembered that Cherry Point was more than an hour away.


2003beachbunch said...

Glad he is home safe! Hope y'all are enjoying each other!

Growingtogether said...

You both are so beautiful. I miss you like crazy! Look at how big Mia is and all those curls. She is a heartbreaker. Oh and the belly- I cannot wait to meet her too!
lots of hugs- Connie

Karen said...

you look great! I love the pics of Amelia-she is really starting to change from toddler to little girl!

Mandy said...

You look great, Laurie! And Amelia is so cute. Now don't keep us waiting -we want to see pics of the actual homecoming!