Friday, January 29, 2010

Please pray for us...

Amelia has a pretty bag GI bug. We know she doesn't have the flu because she's missing some major symptoms, so it seems the shots are working. She's been throwing up all night and we've gone through every towel in the house. Poor thing is now sleeping on the bathroom floor on towels and blankets, throwing up every once in a while and I change out the blankets. She was in our room sleeping, waiting for me to come back from a Focus on the Family seminar in Bluffton, woke up throwing up and then ran through the house. The washing machine has been humming tonight! I haven't gone to sleep yet, it's about 3 am.

Rafe is in the guest room with Olivia. It was about the only place we could be sure Amelia hadn't touched anytime today. I'm washing laundry and tending to Mia and of course pumping in the middle of all of that. He has an early morning PT and then duty on Saturday, so he basically won't be home until Sunday.

My prayer request is this: that Olivia does not get sick. She still doesn't have the ability to throw up and I'm terrified that she will get sick, vomit and aspirate. I am going to have to keep her in that room all day tomorrow while I scrub down and sanitize the house. The second prayer request is that I am trying to find one person with their flu shots to come and hang out in that room with Olivia all day long, so she has some playtime and company. It's a long shot, but I will pay that person, so if you or anyone you know is reading this and interested let me know. If not, then please pray for Olivia's health and the right sitter showing up. My third prayer request is that Amelia is now done being sick and won't put her fingers in her mouth or her nose and then touch anything else in this house. I know, I ask for the impossible with a 3 year old.

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