Friday, January 29, 2010

Thank you GOD for answered prayer!!!

We have the most perfect person possible, someone I've never even met, who has volunteered to come by today and help with Olivia. I am so grateful for all the prayer!

By 800 this morning, I'd had a phone call by someone offering suggestions for help and a few minutes later we had a solution. Thank you to my church family and all my friends and even the strangers who are now reading this blog and praying for us. We even have someone bringing us by more Lysol spray on their way to the doctor to help me sanitize some of the fabric surfaces!

Laundry is still going. Amelia finally stopped throwing up around 5 am. She's resting on a bunch of (now clean again) towels watching movies and Olivia is still in the other room. Soon Olivia will have someone here to keep her company today.

Thank you to everyone.


Mandy said...

I'm so glad you have help! And I'm sorry that I wasn't one of the poeople praying for you last night :( I just saw this today :( Anyway, still praying for a quick recvoery and for Olivia to stay well.

PRentz said...

God is so cool! And He's always right on time! I am so happy things went well!
Go God!


Laurie said...

Pam, thanks so much to you, Leslie, Bethany and most of all, Meghan! It could not have worked out more perfectly today. I was able to deep clean and sanitize everything that needed it.

So far, so good! Olivia is breathing easily and Amelia never threw up again.

Growingtogether said...

The girls and I just got over what sounds to be the same bug. I don't want to get you down but to caution you. We all took turns throwing up and it lasted about 24hrs each and then two days later (Full two days for each of us later) we had it coming from the other end- bad --and each of us again took turns so Mic- day later Sam day later Me. It was a SOLID week and a half of this and Mon will be the two week mark. I thought we each were down after the first 24 hours of throwing up but it was no where close to being done. We seem to be over it now but it has gone crazy here in J'ville with several mom's saying their kids had the same thing and mssing school. Around here it is running the 2 week course. I will be keeping you guys in prayer- just keep a watchful eye for it and give Mia plenty of time to fully get over it.
Love you! Connie