Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What a week!

It's only Wednesday and for some reason it's been feeling like Friday since Tuesday.  Since Monday we've had:

Appointments for Olivia - 
2 Physical Therapy
2 Occupational Therapy
2 Speech Therapy
2 Pediatrician visits
1 Orthotics visit (it's the third in 4 weeks)
1 SNERT assessment (Special Needs Evaluation Review Team)
1 CDC paperwork review
1 EFMP visit for housing referral and rating for Olivia
Events for Amelia -
2 playdates with friends
1 Parent night for rising first graders at EC Montessori
1 Dr. visit
2 pickups from school by me
1 dinner out at Taco Bell for stars earned 
1 trip to Walmart for tissue paper(to make crafts) for stars earned
Events for me - 
1 Home group  - small group bible study in a friend's home
1 Pampered Chef party (THE highlight of my week so far)

That's not even counting the conversations I've had with Naval Hospital and insurance people this week.  We only have 4 more appointments, and a playdate this week.  I'm dropping Olivia off at the CDC and trying to actually get something done at home the last two days of this week.  I think Rafe sometimes wonders what I do all day when he comes home and the house looks pretty much the same.  I do too, and then I look at a list like this and remember why the toys are still in exactly the same place as they were when the kids got done playing with them this morning.  

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