Tuesday, October 27, 2009

First Look, First Touch

This was taken 2 days after Olivia was born. We were blessed by 2 families who watched Amelia for us - one the night of Olivia's birth, and the other during the following days until my parents could arrive from Kansas City.

When I saw Amelia show up at the door of the NICU that day to meet her sister, my heart melted. She was decked out in every single piece of play jewelry she had... Necklace upon necklace, and all the bracelets she owned. My mom told me that putting her jewelry on was Amelia's idea. Since she wears her play jewelry infrequently, and never in quantities, it really touched me to think she was dressing up for her first meeting with her baby sister.

Unfortunately, she had to take it all off to go into the NICU. I haven't worn my wedding rings or necklace since the day she was born. A single solid wedding band is all that is allowed because it is easy to wash and sanitize. There is a large sign when you enter the NICU ordering you to take your jewelry off because it harbors bacteria that could be lethal to the babies. You wash your hands at a big sink using your knees to press a piece of metal so you can get some soap, then wave your hands under an automatic water faucet. All this AFTER you sign in so that once your hands are clean, the only other thing you touch is your baby. Cell phones off and purses away.

Amelia's touch is so gentle with her sister.
If you double click on any of the pictures, you can see them close up.
It was amazing to see how perfectly formed Olivia was at 7 months gestation
with 2 months to go.

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Barb said...


The pictures & video were beautiful. I loved getting to see a small glimpse into what's going on. You are in our prayers! It was so good getting to see you & Amelia on Sunday. We love you guys!