Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hello, Sister...

The slight rapidly thumping sound you hear in the background is the jet ventilator that is doing the breathing for Olivia. It was breathing rapidly (over 400 times a minute) but extremely shallowly so it wouldn't expand her lungs too far. She had chest tubes in at this point from a collapsed lung. It sounds far fainter on this video than it does when you are sitting next to it and it's drowning out conversation but not the endless beeps and alarms going off for every dip in her vitals.

In the second video, Amelia is holding Olivia's diaper in her hand. That tiny diaper was actually too big for Olivia when she was first born!

I don't think we caught it on video, but it broke my heart to have Amelia talk to Olivia and then turn to me and say, "Why she not talking, Momma?" Even though I know babies can't talk at that point, it made me so sad to even think about the fact that she couldn't make any noise at all and she was so limp.

And the first of many lessons - be very careful of touching/tapping/talking on the incubator. It magnifies sound in the decibel range the equivalent to the decibel level of a jet. It finally occurred to me why they tell you not to tap on the glass in fish tanks. At this very early stage, her nervous system is so raw, her skin literally so translucent you could see the veins and through her skin if you were to shine a light on the other side of her body that you have to be very hushed, very quiet, very gentle. A stroking or patting touch is irritating to your preemie and they prefer a firm touch that mimics the containment of the womb.


Christina said...

Such a precious video to see of Amelia. The sound of the vent brings back so many memories. Take care and remember I am thinking about you guys often

Mandy said...

So sweet, Laurie. I love that she dressed up in all her best jewelry for the occassion. That just melts my heart.