Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Floppy Baby

Olivia was born at 10:28 pm. An hour into it, we were told it was a good time to pray after my husband left the room to ask about her. Three and a half hours later, the first people we saw were the two people from the emergency flight crew from MUSC. They wheeled her incubator in the room next to the bed so that I could reach up and touch her leg through the round window before they took off with her. They also gave me a polaroid picture of her - when I can find a way to scan it, I'll post it. She was yellow, bruised, and flat. They had worked on her for that entire time trying to stabilize her and there were some oxygen deprivation issues.

You can see how floppy her tone is in this picture. Any semblance of positioning was done by the nurses in all of the pictures I've posted so far. They would move her in different positions, taking into account the tubes, wires and lines coming out of her but also trying to keep her muscles stretched. In her right arm is a PICC line for direct nutrition.

It was excruciating to watch her lay so still. At the time, the doctors were telling us that it could be from the tremendous amount of trauma she suffered after birth and the medications for pain and seizures. It was a time to just wait and watch.

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