Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Mental Health Day

Yesterday I told our nurse that I didn't want any bad news, and if they had any for me it would have to wait until today. Olivia has been improving radically in the past week since the surgery. The surgeries were for the feeding tube in her belly and to reconnect her intestines and should not really make a difference to her ability to move. Rafe said he felt like her body was like, "HEY! That hurt! Is that attached to me? Wait... I have legs.... I have arms.... I have a body! lets see if I can move them around!"

So it has been wonderful to see her making movements similar to what a newborn would make. She can curl her hands, bring her arms to midline, move her head slightly on occasion and flex her legs and bring them in. She is still floppy, but her muscle tone has improved significantly. They told us that after her surgery she would be intubated and back on a ventilator (she had been weaned to a nasal cannula). However, less than a few hours after her surgery, she was fighting the intubation so they took it out and put her back on the cannula (this was a week ago). Sunday she was breathing room air and has been ever since. Her O2 levels range from 86 to 100, but have mostly been high 90s. She is breathing ON HER OWN!

Things were going so well that I really did not want to hear anything negative yesterday. I just wanted to savor the moment and watch her and snuggle with her.

We still have a long ways to go, but she looks great. I will post more pictures and updates tonight. Off to the hospital.


Mandy said...

AWESOME!!! So happy to read this!

Christina said...

Awesome. I have tears in my eyes from joy. You have a strong little fighter there. Gabrielle was the same way.