Monday, January 10, 2011

How to know when your husband is going "outside the wire"...

He calls and tells you how much he loves you and the girls and to give them hugs and tell them that, and what time will you be available the next day for a phone call and ends the call.  The next time you check your email there is only a few sentences telling you again how much he loves you and the girls and make sure you tell them how he feels.

Oddly enough, he's really sweet when he's about to get in the line of fire.  :O

Just kidding.  I knew something was up because normally we talk about daily things and don't get too mushy on the phone.  I asked him if he was going outside the wire and he just said he'd call me the next day.  Today I found out he spent 9 hours with special ops forces on a foot patrol with all his gear on.  He had a great time and wants to go out again.  So much for the safe job inside the wire!


bint alshamsa said...

Hello, Laurie. I just saw the comments that you left on my blog post about the non-revolutionary philosophy behind repealing the Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy.

I'm sorry it took me a couple of weeks to respond. I had two holidays and two birthdays within two weeks, so it has been kind of busy around here. Anyway, feel free to visit again. You are always welcome at My Private Casbah.

Laurie said...

No problem! Holidays are always busy. When I get a chance I'll head that way and look up the response. After reading your blog for a while I'm pretty sure you won't agree with me :)