Monday, January 24, 2011

Photos soon!

My camera charger found its way back home :)  I left it in KC on our Thanksgiving. 

I think I am going to try and eat as much stuff from my pantry and freezer as I can without buying anything else.  I just bought milk and cream cheese this week - on sale for .99, and with 30 cents off coupons I couldn't pass it up.  I really want to buy some to freeze but that would ruin my whole point in eating up the stuff I have.

Tonight I made corn chowder - chopped up about 4-5 stalks celery, two onions.  Threw them in a heavy pot (used Le Creuset tonight) with some butter and thyme and let them sweat for a while till they were bright and crunchy and delicious smelling.  Then I tossed in a big cooking spoonful of flour, stirred it around and cooked for a while to get the raw flour taste out.  When that was done, I poured in a bunch of white wine from my handy dandy box o' wine with the pour spout, stirred around and cooked out the sharp wine taste.  Finished it up with 7 small cans of corn, juice and all; a box of turkey stock (I didn't have that much chicken stock); and what was left of my pint of cream.  I think it was about half a cup.  Stir well, simmer for a while, season with salt and pepper to taste, puree half and pour back in.  TaDa!  Soup for the masses.  I'm going to freeze the extra.  All in all it ended up being about a gallon of soup.

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