Saturday, January 8, 2011

She finally realized she could move!

Olivia is 16 months old and she crawled, real crawling, the Monday before Christmas.  1 1/2 weeks later, on Thursday, she pulled herself to stand by the piano so she could start cranking out some tunes.  Kidding about the tunes part. She did bang away on the piano, though.   We think she was actually trying to get to the book on the piano, because she loves books and hunts them down. 

Friday, she pulled herself to stand again with the speech therapist and walked three very tiny steps from the therapist to the couch (with the therapist holding her hip for stabilization), where she cruised along trying to get to a book on the couch. 

Today, Saturday, as we were sitting here she pulled herself to stand again and tried to get some books off the couch to "read".  She then crawled over to me, tried to pull herself to stand again.  But she's in footie jammies, and her feet started sliding sideways until she was doing the splits while holding on to the couch all the while with her head vibrating with excitement.  Mom and I couldn't stop laughing.  Is that so wrong??

A few minutes later, she had crawled over to the diaper bag, pulled everything out of it and then took off down the hallway dragging the diaper bag on her foot.  Then back to the play area, where we heard a big THUNK and looked over to find she had dragged the small grocery cart onto it's side.  She rolled over on her back, put it on top of her and kept lifting it up and down.  I tried to get it all on video but my camera battery went dead as soon as I started.  I can not believe the things she is doing now!

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Janet Gulley said...

So awesome! Tell, Mia to look out, her things are not longer safe!