Monday, March 28, 2011

Indignant Amelia

Amelia just came stomping into the livingroom with a fierce look on her face, hollering "Momma!  Stop putting your big things on my craft table!  That's how I can't find things when I want to, ok?  :::heavy sigh:::" 

As Mom and I are cracking up, she got even more upset - "This isn't funny!"  Which made us laugh all the harder and eventually she started laughing too, before remembering she was mad and scowling at us again and stomping off. 

My big thing on her craft table?  It was a giant stock colander (like a restaurant uses) that I put there to finish drying before putting away.


Over Yonder said...

That is too cute! She has a mind of her own..I like that! (my daughter is the same way)

Mom T said...

She was right. You can't teach kids to keep their area neat if you fill it with clutter. But she was funny complaining about it.