Friday, March 18, 2011

Mixed Reactions

Lately when I see videos like this, I have very mixed reactions.  The kids are cute and hilarious; but I always find myself a bit stunned at how animated and interactive they are.  Their faces are so expressive, their reaction time is so quick, and their noises are loud and specific.  It makes me sad for Olivia.


Peter and Jennifer said...

Hi, I know exactly what you mean. I am always amazed when I see children reacting so much! I hope ours will too, soon.

Take care,


Lisa said...

Oh, I do remember feeling that same way when Nicholas was just a baby and I would see other children his age that seemed so animated. I too felt so very sad.

But I also remember that while the other chidren seemed to grow up so fast, I was able to enjoy Nicholas in his baby-like state for longer and since he was my last child, I tried to really enjoy it.

Even now at 9, I do so enjoy his younger perspective on things and his precious innocence.

JMB said...

Yep, been there, even as recently as two weeks ago, when Sophie went to a classmate's birthday party. The party was held at a local rec center...on the second floor in their gymnastics room.

Yep, gymnastics. The little girl whose birthday we were celebrating takes gymnastics there. While a certain number of kids with PWS can indeed do some gymnastics, Sophie definitely is not one of those kids! The invite just made it sound like they were going to run around and play games. She managed well enough on some of the activities - with my help, right next to her. Had I known it was going to be a gymnastics party I would never have taken her! I was near tears halfway through, watching all these little kids run and somersault and fling themselves around the place. I am thrilled with how well my Sophie is doing, for sure - it's just these moments, every now and then, that shove it right in my face how her differences stand out. Blech.

Hugs, hang in there,

Terry Guinn said...

Laurie, your post makes me sad. Sending you hugs!
I wish I had some words of wisdom to offer... to everyone.
Lisa referred to more time to enjoy their innocence and I'd like to add that we also get to savor every accomplishment, because it is a team effort and requires, real effort. We grow, as much as our children grow.
Unfortunately we will have to face those events like the special birthday parties, as Jen referred to. But in those instances we have an opportunity to help others grow. My daughter Kirsten doesn't get a quarter of the invites that her twin gets, but she has friends who understand and make sure she can keep up when there together... Like at her Daddy Daughter dance recently. Myself and another dad were standing at the wall tearing up, while his little girl lead the others in fun and made sure everyone involved Kirsten.

If we treat them as "Special Gifts"... the "Needs" will take care of themselves. Kirsten would not be Kirsten, if she were like other children... And that would make me sad.