Saturday, February 12, 2011

Chicken Pox

Olivia has chicken pox and a fever of 100.4 earlier today.  The chicken pox is very mild and this version apparently an attenuated virus, which is good.  I'm thrilled at several things...

She isn't too fussy, just tired.  Doesn't feel uncomfortable - because she has a reduced sensitivity to pain, I don't think she really notices anything itchy.

She's very snuggly and keeps reaching for my pants leg to be picked up.  :)))))))))

She had a fever.  A normal fever.  I wonder what this means for us... it's not typical that PWS children have fevers and the doc said a low fever was typical for this type of chicken pox.  It's actually great news that she had a fever in my mind.  I don't know enough about it to know otherwise, but it feels like it's a good thing.

I was supposed to make a meal for Family Promise tonight and be a dinner host... couldn't because we're not supposed to be around kids for 48 hours.  I made the meal and dropped it off, went home to do some work and then went back to pick up my containers two hours later.  I should be sleeping right now.

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