Saturday, February 12, 2011


It's been an extremely busy month.  Every day I want to sit and write about what we've been doing but all I do is surf and let my brain veg when I finally get a chance to sit down.

Last Friday Mom and I drove the girls to Roanoke, Virginia to see my niece in a play at Hollins University.  What was a 7 hour drive ended up taking us 2 days.  My brand new van broke down right outside of Charlotte, NC.  Thank goodness for the wonderful people at Hendrick Honda... although it was after hours  (7 pm) and the service department was closed, they found a mechanic to drive out to where we were and check out the van.  We definatelly needed a tow according to him. 

Mom waited for the van to get towed almost 4 hours... the first tow truck driver threw the keys at her when she asked him why he was taking the plastic covering off the extra key.  Crazy!  The mechanic drove myself, Olivia and Amelia back to the dealer in a loaner van, where we dropped him off and found a place to stay for the night.  I checked in, dropped our stuff off and tried to get the girls to go to sleep.  They finally fell asleep a little after midnight, just in time to get 15 minutes of rest before I had to wake them up to go get mom.  Poor Amelia... she was as floppy as Olivia when she was a baby.  I could NOT get her to wake up and ended up carrying a 4 year old in one arm and a 17 month old in a baby carrier in the other arm down to the first floor and out the door.  I dropped their blankies in the freezing rain and generally had a rough time. 

We finally got the girls back into bed after picking up mom; and they worked on our car first the next day.  When they realized they couldn't fix it quickly, they gave us another vehicle, this time a rental, and had us go on our merry way.  We booked it to Hollins and made it just in time to see the last 30-45 minutes of Katie's play.   She has no idea how hard we worked every angle to get there on time.  It was great to see her. 

Finally home late Sunday night.  What was supposed to be a quick trip turned out to be one of the longest and hardest short trips I've ever taken. 

Thank goodness Olivia has Prader Willi Syndrome.  She was calm and quiet the whole time :)  I guess there's something to be said for a baby who doesn't ever really get fussy.  I hear she will make up for it later, but I am enjoying the flexibility for now.

The bad part of the trip is that it was so exhausting, somehow I misplaced my camera or it fell somewhere and I didn't notice it.  I'm missing a disk that was stored in there with some priceless pics of Amelia as a baby.  Don't ask me why I was dumb enough to put them in the storage part of the camera case.  I'm hoping that I find it somehow.

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