Friday, February 25, 2011

First moments with new SMO's

Olivia has never worn shoes and she's almost 18 months old.  She doesn't walk so I didn't really see a need to buy expensive shoes she would just grow out of quickly.  But this week we did get some special supports for her feet to help stabilize them and her ankles so that she could learn to walk.  Here she is with our Occupational Therapist right after we put them on her.


Lisa said...

Oh my, your videos of Olivia with her early intervention therapists brought tears to my eyes as I remember those days with my son Nicholas who is now 9. He now runs, jumps and talks up a storm! He too had foot orthodics before he was walking. In fact he still wears inserts in his shoes. I believe they were (and are)so very helpful in ensuring proper foot stability and body alignment. Olivia will be walking before you know it. She has such a bright, lovely energy!

Mandy said...

Oh I miss her! Look at that HAIR she's got going on. love it!