Sunday, September 28, 2008

Dinosaurs in the water...

Rafe called again today. Woohoo!! He said he was able to sleep in last night - 9 hours of sleep instead of his usual 5. Quite frankly, I don't know how he's doing it. This is a guy who loves his sleep and could easily sleep 10 straight hours every day.

Amelia loves it when he calls and she's awake. She gets kind of shy on the phone, but holds it so close to her face and her ear, as if she's trying to hold him close. She talks MUCH quieter than she normally does, which is quiet and girly anyway. She will have this big ear to ear grin on her face while he's talking, and will occasionally say one or two words. To me, those words are whole stories, but I need to translate them to Rafe since he isn't used to hearing her very much.

"Opit!!" = Open it!
"Bee Beep" = usually means that a car is beeping somewhere, but will occasionally means she wants me to beep the car horn.
"my turn!" = This one always makes me laugh, because it means she totally gets the concept of sharing and taking turns (not bad for 27 months), and uses it to her advantage when she wants to do something that I normally do.
"Reenz" = Marines. Every time she sees a Marine, she comments on them. "reenz, mommy, reenz!!!" When they march cadence, she says, "reenz sing!" Today, I was humming the Marine Corps Hymn while I was changing her diaper (not on purpose, but if you hear something often enough you will hum it. It's better than the veggie tales theme running through my head, trust me) and she said, "Reenz sing, mommy?" I was pretty impressed, because I hadn't realized I was humming it until she mentioned it.
"I 'cared" = I'm scared. She hardly ever used to say this, except every once in a great while with a thunderstorm. But again, she's gotten sneaky recently and begun to say it in all seriousness for sounds or things she never used to be scared of. When I finally caught on, I tickled her and told her she wasn't really scared, she was just messing with mommy, and she laughed and stopped saying it!! I was once again, snookered by a 2 year old.

And my most recent favorite - "dina-soar"... said in two words as we pass over water on a bridge, or go by a marsh when the tide is in. For some reason, she has it in her head now that dinosaurs live in the water around here. When I finally figured out what she was saying, and asked her, "are you telling me that dinosaurs are in the water here?" She very happily sighed and said "yes" and stopped repeating it over and over.

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