Thursday, October 2, 2008

"bye bye, fwens"

Amelia is always so cheerful. I drop her off at the CDC (Child Development Center) in the mornings and she runs in with a happy smile and says hello to everyone. When I pick her up, she always leaves happily waving "bye bye" to all the other kids (who honestly don't seem to notice - I guess it's a 2 yr old thing) like she's the Queen of England and it's been a grand time visiting the locals.

Today I walked in and she was busy putting some toys away (obviously she takes more after Rafe than me). She noticed me, said hello, but was intent on finishing her project first. Another little girl next to her kept telling her, "Mia! Mommy!!" and pointing to me. Apparently she started to get a little worried that Amelia was being a bit too nonchalant about mom being at the door, so she grabbed Amelia's hand and turned her around to face me and yelled again, "Mia!!! Mommy here!" I guess Amelia figured she couldn't ignore me forever, because she finally got the hint and came running.

As she was leaving, Amelia turned around to wave goodbye and yelled out, "Bye bye, fwens!! Bye bye fwens!!". Walking down the hallway, she kept saying, "Mommy, fwens!! Mommy, fwens!"

She's so darn cute.

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