Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Most Embarrassing Grocery Shopping. Ever.

I went to the commissary yesterday but I forgot to pick up beer.

Don't you love it when the story starts like that?!?

Anyway, I forgot beer, caraway seeds and milk for Amelia. I don't even drink beer, but I'm trying a new recipe for ribs that calls for one can of beer. So I swung by Walmart tonight, picked up the milk, the caraway seeds, and one box of frozen chinese food. I was trying to find just one can of beer for sale, I stood in front of the beer for a long time, trying to figure out which beer would give the ribs the best flavor. I wanted a dark beer, but how do I tell what's a dark and what's not? I was pulling out bottles and holding them up to the light, squinting at them.

It was all fun and games until one of Amelia's day care teachers went by the milk section, right across the aisle. She gave me the funniest look, and as I was walking to the check out section I realized why. I had Amelia pushing the cart, a 6 pack of beer in my hand, and the only thing in my cart was a small amount of food for me and ... nothing else! It reminded me of the people who go to the convenience stores and pick up a few things but what they really came for was the beer. She knows Rafe is deployed, so I can only assume she thought I needed the 6 pack for drinking!


Mandy said...

That is hilarious, Laurie! If it was me, I'd FURTHER embarrass myself by going on and on telling her all about the ribs I was going to cook and how this must look really bad. And I'd take it too far- haha!

Laurie said...

I know!!! I was trying to figure if I could say anything that would salvage it, but this is a teacher who already probably thinks I'm a loser mom because I keep forgetting to bring Amelia's diapers when I drop her off and then have to go back and get them! It always happens with the same teacher! :)