Thursday, October 16, 2008

Helping others (and myself) ... by organizing!

I'm clearing up clutter in the house and organizing. I've been donating most of my items to CAPA (Child Abuse Prevention Association). They have a local thrift store here called "CAPA's Closet" and they will come and pick up items FREE. All the proceeds go to help their programs.

WHEEEE!! It feels so good to have some of this stuff sorted and finally let go of some of it. Letting go is the hardest part. Lots of items have memories and I loved everything I had. But lots of it no longer suits me, or I have to admit I will never get around to "that project" after having passed it up so many times before. I've begun to take pictures of things that have meaning for me, but no longer have a place in my life for some reason or another. Now, instead of keeping the object I wasn't using and was boxed away, I can keep the picture and have a lot less clutter! The whole house is beginning to run more smoothly. I took a picture of all I'm donating today.

Our accountant gave me this great FREE website for listing what we donate. It adds everything up for you and stores it for 2 years, so you have it handy when it comes time to do taxes in one easy printout.

I also found a neat literacy project for donating old magazines. I just donated 178 (4 bags full) to CAPA, but I think I will try it the next time. I still have 19 boxes of magazines to go through. It's so hard to part with some of them - they're great reference. But I think as the house becomes less and less cluttered, I'll find it harder and harder to keep them as they will be messing with the whole "zen" feeling I'm trying to achieve.


Mandy said...

WOW! Good job on the organizing! And as for that many magazines -- even if you WERE trying to find one for a reference, it'd take forever in a pile of 178. That's what google is for, right? :) Way to organize!

Barb said...


I am so proud of you & I know Rafe will be too. What an awesome start at tackling your big project!