Thursday, October 2, 2008

I never bother with the news anymore...

Mostly because what you hear/see on tv is woefully inadequate to explain what is really going on. Lots of details are left out on both sides. It's shocking how easy it is to spoon feed most people their information on tv, and they swallow it without ever asking questions or doing research on their own, or doing that crazy thing that they used to teach way back when - logical thinking for yourself.

Another blogger's view on Obama (military wife)

"I refuse to lower myself to bickering and slinging mud in the direction of Obama. I will, however, share a little something that main-stream media isn’t sharing (because you must admit, they are very Pro-Obama). When Obama visited Iraq in July, 2008 he barely spoke with the troops. In fact, an email from someone over there states that Obama looked at the troops ”as if they were scum.” Obama had
scheduled photo shoots with the troops. He didn’t dare touch the troops for a second longer than necessary to snap a publicity photo. The basketball? Totally scripted. By that point in Obama’s tour with the troops, they had to order troops to play with him. Obama’s conduct in Iraq was inexcusable. These are the men that fight for our freedom, and they are being treated like trash. None of this was ever covered in the news, why? because the media is hell-bent on getting Obama elected. Oh, and I left out the really raunchy parts of the email from Iraq. "

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