Thursday, July 17, 2008

Graduation Ceremony

As long as I have known him, Rafe has talked about his graduation ceremony at boot camp and how much he wished his parents could have been able to come see him. We live on a recruit depot (the other one is in San Diego), so all day long we hear Marines in boot camp and see them in training. It's quite thrilling, actually. Especially when you hear the drill instructors!!! :)

Rafe was especially excited that his dad was able to see a graduation with him while he was out here. I took some pictures, but they are not that great. I had a squirming 2 year old and plus I was getting pretty teary-eyed thinking of Rafe graduating and going through all that. Those guys were sharp! If you ever have a chance to see a graduation ceremony, you shouldn't miss it. It's pretty neat.

The Marine Corps band plays, and then the door opens and the new Marines walk in. You should hear the crowd go wild with cheering. I dare you not to cry if you hear it; if you know what the Marines have been through the previous 3 months and know how hard they have worked for this moment.

The last 2 pictures are no one we know - I just saw the first Marine outside the ceremony afterwards, looking for his family, and the smile on his face when he finally saw his mom made me cry. And I love the look on the face of the younger brother as he looks up to his new hero.

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