Saturday, July 26, 2008


I tracked down my mail, finally! Usually when I go out of town, one of my neighbors will water my plants or gather my mail. Since I go out of town so often and since so many people here at the base volunteered to help, I've rotated through about 3 or 4 families.

This last time when I left, I hadn't planned on being gone for more than a week. Since I am on a no-junk mail list and most of my bills are in email, I figured it would be a month before my mailbox was full and didn't ask anyone to help out. But someone kindly gathered it this time and watered my lawn. I asked everyone on this street but no one knew who did it. I was finally able to figure it out and voila! I had mail. It was a very gracious woman a few streets over, the same one who has a son that Amelia plays with sometimes.

Amelia received a gorgeous handmade quilt from her Granny J. It's a flower garden and as soon as I get a picture of it, I will add it to this post. She promptly rolled around on it, laid her baby doll on it and patted the spot next to her for me to lay down and take a nap with her on it. I was pretty impressed that she was pointing out clouds and the sun in the images on the quilt, which are kind of abstract, but you can still tell what they are. Right now she is sleeping with 3 handmade quilts on her bed. She loves it. She's part mouse, I think. She really likes to nest. I was going to pull one of them off, her big baby gift quilt (also from Granny J), and she wanted me to hang it over the side of the railing. It's funny how you can communicate with a child who has limited vocabulary. When you finally figure out what they want, they laugh and sigh in relief and you feel like a million dollars.

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