Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Little Q

Rafe has taken to calling our new baby "Little Q" for "little question mark" because we don't yet know the sex of our baby. When we were waiting to figure out who Amelia would be, he called her "Little Ears". Apparently I dropped something very heavy on my foot one day and quickly uttered a pleasantry, to which Rafe replied, "Be careful!! You have little ears listening to you!"

We move out really soon. I have some of the biggest responsibilities on the team. What I do or fail to do could have permanent consequenses. I know we will do well though.

It is sooooo hot and sandy here. I went running in the 110 degree heat yesterday and thought I was going to die after running for over 20 minutes. People may think it is crazy to run in these temperatures, but I would rather get used to it now and have the extra umphhh when my life depends on it. Be uncomfortable now or possibly be dead later.....hmmmmmm....decisions, decisions. In this life, the choices we make now have an effect on how things turn out later; this concept is loud and in your face out here. You cannot avoid it.

Please tell everyone I love them; but I especially love you, Amelia and little question mark. I will try to send some pictures soon.


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