Tuesday, July 22, 2008

"I love you all the way from Iraq"

What a sight for sore eyes to see that email title greet me!! We had agreed before he left that occasional excerpts from his emails (minus the family stuff) could be posted on the blog because he would have such limited time to email or call anyone; and if I called everyone I'd be on the phone forever, and we all know how much I am not a fan of phones. Even though I actually talk too much when I get on them, go figure.

So, in his own words, straight from Iraq...
"I cannot tell you where I am going, but what I can say is that it seems to be really dangerous. Keep your fingers crossed. It was sooooo hot in Kuwait. It was so hot that I could feel the tips of my fingers burning. I have never been that hot in my life. It was the same feeling as when you open the oven to pull out a baked entree and you feel the heat on yor fingertips. To add to the hot temperature, the wind blew sand like crazy. It was like being baked alive in an oven and sand blasted at the same time. I do not know why anyone would ever want to live here voluntarily.

I started working out with Capt X today. He was teaching me Olympic lifting. Talk about uncomfortable. I could totally see doing Yoga as a way to get into some of those positions more easily.

I am living in a tent. It gets really hot in there during the day even with the A/C on. I try to imagine that it is freezing cold outside and that we turned up the heaters to stay warm

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