Thursday, March 26, 2009

Baby Update

I am 10 weeks pregnant today - and the baby is doing great! We only have the one baby; the other baby wasn't "viable", according to the doctor, and will eventually be reabsorbed into my body. However, we are extremely greatful for the gift we have been given. I have seen the little baby flippers (hands and feet) move; the body wiggle; and heard the very strong heartbeat. So far this little one is right on target for size. My due date is October 22; so it looks like I might not be traveling for Christmas this year. Ten more weeks, and we'll know if it is a boy or girl! Please keep us in your prayers, as things could still go south but are much less likely to do so now.

I'm very nauseated and have massive, wildly swinging cravings. Rafe is so missing out!! He was lucky with Amelia as my cravings were mild and so was the nausea. Right now I'm jonesing for some stuffed grape leaves and a good hot gyros. And tomato juice. :)


Karen said...

oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh this is such WONDERFUL news!!!! I love the baby updates! When is Rafe suppose to come home again? You are not planning on having one of those "birth by ambulance" babies like someone else we know ;) are you?? hehe I have to tell you the new pic of Amelia of her in the pink dress and little hat...she looks like a little china doll with porcelain skin, blue eyes and curly blonde hair..omg you need to enter her picture in contest!! Truely angelic!

Mandy said...

This is great! I'm so happy for you :) And what, you don't want to travel cross country w/ a 3 year old and a 2 month old? What's the big deal? :)

Karen said...

oh I forgot to say something about those cravings......I think yours are right oup there on nutty list! My main staples when I was pregnant were: frozen french fries and frozen french toast sticks (totaly grossed Barb out when I would come in to work eating them for breakfast)taco bell hot sauce on anything and I ate a huge spoon full of cool whip every night. Do you know it used to gross Barb out any time I would give her an update on the baby (I kept up with the growth of the baby on and now look....she is the incredible baby machine!

Growingtogether said...

Yay!! Yay!! Yay!!
By the way-- I love what Mandy said. Come on girl. Suck it up. Remember you are a Marine wife.
Love ya and miss ya!