Friday, March 20, 2009

The Tension

"In the current incarnation of THE TENSION, I decided to move
away from discussions about the ephemeral attention of the media and post primarily about substantial military topics. When journalists feel comfortable dropping even the appearance of fairness, their agenda-driven story template suffocates any chance of rational balance when it comes to reporting about the military. The military's job involves solving real crises, unlike the media, who are hell-bent on creating illusions of crisis where none exist. I decided my blog would be a good vehicle to get out the uncovered side of the news. "

Thanks to a friend, I found this incredible news blog. Incredible because I began reading it before I knew anything about the purpose of it, and my first thought was, "How refreshing! No editorials in the presentation of facts! JUST THE FACTS!"

Kind of the way journalism is supposed to be in an ideal world.

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