Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I really miss my husband...

I love trying new recipes when Rafe is home.

Unfortunately, he is never home. Sometimes I'm not even sure what country he is in.

So today I made Braised Chicken with Fresh Fennel, Tomatoes and Olives from a recipe I chanced upon at A Good American Wife.

Amazingly delicious. I think I threw in a few more ingredients then I was supposed to, the pot was overflowing... but still. I'm taking it to the neighbors to enjoy because there is only so much braised chicken I can eat and my 2 year old isn't interested. Link


Growingtogether said...

Thanks for the recipe. She is pretty funny. I think this will be dinner tomorrow night. Did you add anything special to yours?.

Laurie said...

It called for 4 small fennel bulbs, but I used 2 large and it turned out to be a LOT... like 11 cups. I used the stalks also; just peeled them and then chopped them smaller. She mentioned that she only used around 5 cups of fennel. I also threw in a few more cloves of garlic and I used chicken stock since I didn't have any vegetable stock.

Also, I used bone in thighs, just took off the skin before sauteeing them, and I only used 3 tbsp of oil all together. One to saute, and two for the onions. I partially caramelized them, then added half the fennel and browned them also.

It made such a large amount of "sauce" that I think you could either double the amount of chicken or halve the sauce ingredients. Next time I will do one or the other.

I took some of the leftover sauce, pureed it, added cream to it and made it into a soup.