Monday, March 2, 2009


I went to the Doctor today in Savannah. He seemed very surprized to see another fertilized egg in there! Apparently now there are two babies instead of one!

I can't quite take it in yet. It's good news AND bad news. It's bad news because he said that my HcG levels were a bit low for one baby, but very low for two. So I am going back next Monday for another ultrasound. He hopes to see heartbeats, as there are none yet. If there aren't any by next week, then I will probably miscarry both of them again.

I'm feeling sort of numb right now to this. I'm very down, yet trying not to think about it and trying to trust God has a plan and to be at peace with whatever happens. I just wish, that if my body wasn't going to be able to keep the babies, that I just wouldn't get pregnant in the first place. It's a very hard emotional roller coaster.


Mandy said...

Exciting and scary! We're praying for you and your babies! I know it's an emotional rollercoaster. Early pregnancy is scary - especially in your case. Hang in there!

Growingtogether said...

You my sister are in my prayers, heart and thoughts.
Oh my wonderful LORD God. Please take this sister of mine in your heart and hands. Protect her womb, heart and children. Give her the faith and strength she needs from you in this wonderful, exciting and scary time. Bless her oh LORD. Thank you for the blessings you have poured over her. Continue to show her your love in her everyday life. Thank you for her.

Laurie-- I love you and I am excited to hear about the double blessings you have.
May God's precious peace be yours.

emberly said...

You are so blessed to be having twins. I am so happy for you guys. Will Rafe or Stuckey as i call him be home for the delivery? Take care