Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sushi Giggles

Amelia was watching me eat sushi - my current craving. I thought the cravings were gone, but they aren't. I was just satiated the night I thought that. (Don't worry, it was California rolls)

Mia: Can I haf sum? (pointing to the pickled ginger)
Me: No, I don't think so, it's too spicy. You won't like it.
Mia: Pweeeeese.
Me: Ok, just a small piece. (at this point, I'm thinking I get the bad mommy award again for thinking it's funny to give her spicy stuff and because I imagine the face she is going to make when she eats it)

Then I give it to her. She eats it. And she giggles. And then she asks to eat the bowl of sushi rice I have, and giggles with pure delight right after she plops a big ball of it in her mouth.

I give up. This is the kid who won't eat meat, but she'll eat smoked salmon, sushi rice, salsas and Indian curry. Mac and Cheese is still the hands down favorite, but tortellini with basil pesto is a close second.

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Mandy said...

And you call her picky? That's great!